Compliance Services


EMC Consultant, Educator, Testing and Certification Services

Mark Montrose, professional EMC consultant offers multiple aspects of  low-cost compliance service for designers and manufacturers in helping them achieve electromagnetic compatibility on a world-wide basis.  Services include both in-house and public training, design and development aspects on anything electrial, along with testing and troubleshooting from the component level and printed circuit board layout through system certification.  Additional aspects of consulting service include:

  • Certification as an assessed EMC test laboratory to ISO/IEC 17025 for in situ EMC testing of industrial products (FCC, CE, KRWA), specializing in Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) plus Information Technology Equipment (ITE) along with all aspects of troubleshooting to achieve compliance should a product fail testing.
  • Writes extremely comprehensive Technical Files for conformity to the European and Korea KRWA EMC Directives.
  • Provides hands-on training to engineers related to ensuring compliance with both safety and EMC requirements.
  • Review schematics prior to printed circuit board component placement and routing to identify potential problems including post-layout analysis.
  • System level approach on integration of printed circuit boards and enclosures; both electrical and mechanical aspects.
  • Product safety approval and certification (SEMI and CE) for industrial systems, both ITE and ISM.
  • Provides expert witness service for electrical engineering design disputes, health and safety of magnetic fields and patent infringement related matters.

Training to Achieve Electromagnetic Compatibility

  • In-house and commercial seminars on printed circuit board design, signal integrity, grounding/shielding, testing and troubleshooting or any other EMC topic of interest emphasizing suppression instead of containment.  Training and Seminars Page
  • Courses provided worldwide, both public and private.

Product Safety, Risk Hazard Analysis, SEMI/CE Approvals and Field Labeling

  • Industrial product safety using third party registered professional engineers.
  • Hazard Based Safety Engineering (HBSE) analysis.
  • Safety approvals to CE, SEMI, Machinery and Low Voltage Directives for industrial products.
  • Field labeling services.