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EMC Made Simple®

Printed Circuit Board and System Design

This book simplifies the complex field of electromagnetic compatibility into easy concepts without need for complicated math or extensive computational analysis.  Learn how to design printed circuit boards and systems quickly with just five easy equations.  Electromagnetic compatibility requirements are easily achieved with the author’s unique visual approach by transforming Maxwell’s Equations (calculus) into Ohm’s Law (algebra). For more details, click here.


Printed Circuit Board Design Techniques for EMC Compliance

A Handbook for Designers

(Second Edition)

Printed Circuit Board_English - EMC Books

English Edition

Printed Circuit Board_Japanese -  - EMC Books

Japanese Edition

Printed Circuit Board_Chinese -  - EMC Books

Chinese Edition

Copyright: 2000 (2nd edition)  Pgs: 256   Publisher: Wiley/IEEE Press  ISBN: 0-7803-5376-5

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EMC and the Printed Circuit Board

Design, Theory and Layout Made Simple

EMC and the Printed Circuit Board_english

English Edition

EMC and the Printed Circuit Board_japanese -  - EMC Books

Japanese Edition

EMC and the Printed Circuit Board_chinese -  - EMC Compliance

Chinese Edition

EMC and the Printed Circuit Board_korean -  - EMC

Korean Edition

Copyright: 1999  Pgs: 320  Publisher: Wiley/IEEE Press  ISBN: 0-7803-4703-X

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Book Review (PDF):  IEEE EMC Society Newsletter Spring 2003, #197

Testing for EMC Compliance

Approaches and Techniques

Testing for EMC Compliance_english -  - EMC

English Edition

Traditional Chinese Edition

Testing for EMC Compliance_simple_chinese -  - EMC

Simplified Chinese Edition

 Copyright: 2004  Pgs: 460  Publisher: Wiley/IEEE Press  ISBN: 0-471-43308-X

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Book Reviews: IEEE EMC Society Newsletter Book Review

IEE (UK) Book Review. 2006 Summer 2006, Issue #210