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The Future as Compliance Engineers

Little time is spent on thinking about our future as compliance engineers, whether it will be 10, 25 or even 50 years from now.  Too often we get caught up in details of our daily work without considering exciting opportunities that

Defining Who We Are as Engineers

The field of EMC is a highly specialized niche within the field of electrical engineering.  Anything that uses electrical power, either AC or DC, was designed by an engineer.  When I ask how designers classify themselves they generally respond as being an

Emissions versus Immunity

Should we be more concerned with emission compliance or immunity protection? The field of EMC deals with electrical equipment operating within an “intended” environment of use such as residential areas, commercial facilities, industrial factories, military applications, space, and the like.

Signal Integrity vs EMC during Printed Circuit Board Design & Layout

Engineers are beginning to face new challenges related to the design of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and their integration into an enclosure, either metal or plastic. These challenges will increase in the future with higher speed components and systems. With the need to maximize functionality while at the same time shrinking the physical size of a product along with lower cost of development and production, we are discovering that signal integrity is becoming a greater concern than EMC. Although a system may radiate EMI in a broadband environment, will EMI be a concern in the future or should we enhance immunity protection against any and all electromagnetic threats that may occur?

Obsolescence of Technology

Engineers generally do not know where technology is taking us and how it relates to their future.  Neither does anyone else!  Engineer’s creative skills provide significant value to the world as everyone buy products and services.  Recent advances in technology is outpacing